Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jaycee is a Kinder Graduate!

Jaycee had her Kinder graduation last night. She sang lots of songs and even did a sign language song about family. She recently lost her first tooth and is SO happy about that! She also has another one very loose, so she'll be completely toothless in no time. 
In Kinder this year she has learned:
*How to read and write (which she does often and is amazing at it)
*How to skip count by 5s and 10s to 100
*Many things about famous artists, like Andy Warhol
*How NOT to cry when we drop her off for school!

We can't believe our oldest daughter is nearly done with her first year of real school. Where does the time go? First grade, here comes Jaycee!

Gunnar and Jayden had a blast running around during her grad program. Those two play so nicely together, as long as no one else intervenes. Add another component, and they are done!

Jolee @ 8 weeks

It's obviously been very difficult to find time to post a blog! Jolee turned 8 weeks a few weeks ago, but here are her pictures from her 8 week session. She's also had her 2 month doc appointment and her stats are:
12 pounds 15 ounces in weight
23 inches long
15 inch head circumference

She loves to goo and coo and smile when she wakes up. She's doing pretty good with her sleeping, as she usually only wakes up at 4am and 6am. She kicks and flails around in her bouncer every morning for her daily exercise. She's finally stopped crying in the car whenever we go to school for drop-off and pick-ups. She is fitting in quite nicely :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jolee @ 4 weeks

Here are the pics from Jolee's 4 week birthday. She's already so much bigger. She holds her head up, has begun to smile and coo, and enjoys spending her days eating, sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more. We can't believe how big she is! She's already out of newborn clothing!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jayden's Easter Program

Jayden got to participate in two Easter programs this year because she's in school four days per week. She had a great time singing, hopping like a bunny, and searching for eggs on the playground. Gunnar even got to partake in some of the festivities. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jolee is 2 weeks old!

Jolee had her two week check up this week. She weighed in at 8 pounds 14.5 ounces (which means she's gained over 20 ounces in 13 days!). She is now 22 inches long and her head is 14 inches in circumference. Her height/length puts her in the 99% for two week old babies! She's long! Here are some pics from her first two weeks home. Jayden is still in love with her, Gunnar has been nice to her (but with a boy's rough hand), and Jaycee is preoccupied with Barbie Dream House. Daddy had to go back to work this week, so we all miss him terribly (especially Jolee with her naps times on his chest). Jayden is in school 4 days per week and loving it, and Jaycee is in her home stretch to finish Kinder soon! How time flies by. . . 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Baby Jolee Jaymesen is here!

Born March 31, 2014 @ 12:04pm

8 pounds 3 ounces, 20 inches long

Healthy, a big appetite, and a LOUD cry! 

Everyone is adjusting well and we are most surprised by Jayden's big sister reactions: 

"She's adorable!, Look at those little ears., She's so cute!, Aw, what a cute little baby!"

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Catch up!

Very, very long time. . . no post. So it's been quite a while since the last post. I guess things have been somewhat busy around here. Opa Colin and Oma Mary headed back to Spain in early January. Josh and I celebrated our 8th anniversary in Laguna Beach in January. Jaycee turned 6 on February 12th. Daddy turned 31 on February 23rd. Jaycee is back to school, Jayden goes to school 2 days per week, Gunnar has been working on going on the potty, and we're awaiting our next arrival later this month. Mama is finally out on maternity leave (and not returning to work this school year :). The kiddos are way too big, growing way too fast, and our house is louder than ever! 

Everyone is happy, healthy, and ready for their new little sister to arrive. Mama and Dada have been hard at work (more so Daddy though, let's be honest). The house is getting some paint here and there. The downstairs bedroom had a full remodel, all the way down to the flooring and ceiling fan. The downstairs hallway is finally complete. We are always looking ahead at our next house projects (there are so many things we want to do, but time is now the biggest challenge). Oh yes! And Mama is almost done with her Master's program (done this June!!!). 

I guess once it's all laid out, it is a bit easier to see why the blogging has had to take a back seat :)
More blogging to come, especially once our newest little girl gets here.