Saturday, April 26, 2008

More fabulous developments

Jaycee is still sleeping wonderfully. She sleeps for at least eight hours each night, and last night she slept for 9 1/2 hours. She loves her sleep and so do we! Her days are usually filled with being wide awake for long periods of time. When she does take a nap, they are usually very short (only 30 minutes or less on average). She just has too much to learn from the world she lives in. 

Jaycee loves to smile in the morning. She is happiest when she wakes up from her peaceful night and finds her morning diaper change very funny. She started laughing on a regular basis this week and finds her daddy and pictures in her room especially funny.
Jaycee holds her head up for most of the day now (except for when she's eating) and enjoys looking around her house. She especially loves looking at ceiling fans, moving or not, she's not picky. We like to stand her up on her legs as well. She is getting very good and jumping up and down and moving like crazy when we hold her. 

We found a Baby Einstein DVD at Blockbuster last weekend and she loves it. The DVD is 30 minutes long and it contains colorful images and toys while Mozart music plays in the background. Jaycee watches her DVD every morning after her breakfast, followed by her usual watching of kiddy cartoons. She is fascinated by colors and movement. Oh, she also discovered herself in the mirror today. She has no idea that she is looking at herself, but she was more than happy to laugh and smile and talk to the baby on the other side of the mirror. We've heard that babies only like to look at beautiful things, so Jaycee must think she is very pretty.

Jaycee has also been practicing with moving her hands. She has always loved her hands, but recently she's been putting her fists in her mouth and slobbering all over them. Since she is so great at directing her hands toward her mouth, she found today that she can use her hands to put her clothing and blankets in her mouth as well (see the picture in the blue dress, it must taste delightful). When you pull her hands out of her mouth, she puts them right back. We now have to have a cloth on hand for wiping all her slobber. 

Even though she is going to be 11 weeks on Tuesday, she is still fitting into most of her newborn outfits. Her mommy is trying to keep her in them as long as she can. She is now wearing 3 month old nighties because her feet are so big and her body is so long. The 3 month old nighties are a little bit too big, but she'd rather wear outfits that are slightly too big than slightly too small to bed. 

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