Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Finally Cold!

We visited the Christmas tree farm today. Jaycee wore the cutest outfit; overalls, a suede jacket, a rugby hat, little shoes! What's not to love! It was the very first time that she didn't mind wearing her hat. Ever since we purchased it for the cold weather season, she has refused to wear it. It was finally cold enough today with the weather in the low 50's. The weather forecast even says we might have snow this next week. It would be nice for Jaycee to see snow at her own house for the first time instead of a drive up to the mountains. Either way, I am sure that will will make it to the mountains this winter for a snow day. Jaycee is such a warm body, we were worried that she might be sweating when we took off her cap, but she was okay. Her cheeks were even a little cold. 

It's been fun shopping for cold weather clothes. As much as we love the summer wear dresses and skirts, the overalls, sweat pants, and jeans are pretty cool. . . or should we say warm? Jaycee has an entire collection of cold weather jackets, from suede, to snow, to yoga zip-ups. We can't wait for Christmas day so that she can enjoy her special outfits :)

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