Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jaycee and her kitty/updates

So the other day Jaycee decided that she was going to act likes the dogs/cat and lie on the doggy bed. She even took her "didi" and "blankie" with her. She was bouncing around like a wild child and must have hung out there for about five minutes. Crazy child. We still don't know where she gets it from. 

And here she is again, this time with her cat and dog. She is so gentle and kind to them all (meaning her animals of course, not humans). She kisses and hugs them. She pets and loves them. And she is totally an over exaggerator with her kisses. A kiss sounds something like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Yes, that drug out and long! It's so hilarious. What a sweet wild chid.

Jaycee has also successfully had her first juice with a regular kids cup and straw. 

She can play by falling on her knees. 

She can identify a kitty and puppy no matter where she goes. Alive or in a book/on a sign, she knows them!

She voluntarily gives hugs and kisses to her mama and dada. 

She is one CRAZY dancer! She has a multitude of moves that we have named: The Shark Fin, the Slow Mo, the Spinning in Circles. She is a DANCING QUEEN (think the song, that's Jaycee).

Her favorite meals still include: spaghetti, pizza, and anything with any sort of sauce (most of the time she just eats the sauce off her food items).

She also holds babble sessions for minutes on end (we are getting very close to actual conversations that are comprehended by adults). 

Well, for the most part that's it. Only 29 more school days until Mama is out, then we are off to Alaska! That's right. . . Jaycee will officially be leaving the country on her very first cruise. We are headed to Alaska so that she can swim with the whales and fly with the bald eagles! Yeah :)

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