Monday, June 29, 2009

The Day We Left: Vancouver, Canada

June 21st, 2009 (Happy Father's Day DaDa!!!)

This is the view from our room the day we left. We had a wonderful room located at the front of the ship with fabulous views all day long. You can see the beautiful city behind us. Vancouver is a very nice, clean big city. A great place to leave from if you are cruising to Alaska!

Jaycee loved her balcony. She thought the outdoor area was made just for her. She does love the outdoors, even on a huge cruise ship!

Jaycee learned tons of new words and movements while we were cruising, including:



hot (and she points to all food items that are hot)

blowing kisses (especially to her favorite crew members)

bird (we saw TONS of bald eagles)

please (which she now uses on a regular basis)

she leans forward with her hands on her knees to look at interesting things and people

balloon (she received many from the jewelry store onboard from her favorite crew member Claudia)

She ate like a queen and never missed home once. She settled in with no problems at all and even had wonderful plane rides there. On the way home, she couldn't stop starring out the window. She even saw the moon and kept showing it to me and telling me about it. She is an adventure seeker for sure!

We are now all acclimating to our return home (not an easy transition). More pictures to come. Will do a day-by-day play for you!

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