Sunday, October 14, 2012

La Jolla/Gymnastics

Furlough days are great for beach visits! We decided to head down to La Jolla for the day. The weather was great and our two kiddos enjoyed themselves (Jaycee had PreK). It was nice to see Jayden smile so much and hear her talk too. Jaycee usually overshadows her by all her talking and bossiness :) Joshua Gunnar thought the beach and waves were amazing. He couldn't take his eyes off the waves and seals. It was a great Monday :)

Jayden started gymnastics last weekend. She goes once per week for about 45 minutes. She is doing really well and enjoys all the different stations. Jaycee had a trial day this weekend too, but we aren't sure if it's her thing. Jaycee has cheer starting soon so we are betting that's more up her alley!

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