Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Spring Break/Easter in Santa Barbara

Things have been SO busy around here! Between Daddy getting his new job at the Sheriff, Mommy working on her Master's degree, and trying to buy another house. . . time is super limited. We were fortunate enough to go for a mini trip up to Santa Barbara last weekend. The kiddos LOVE going up there. So many people ask what we do when we go: visit the beach, go to park on the beach, visit the SB zoo, pick fruits/veggies from local farms, visit the local farmer's markets, eat, play, enjoy the weather outside. There are lots of fun things for the kiddos to do and they really do enjoy themselves. Here are some of my favorite pics from our visit to Arroyo Burro Beach, the "Castle" park in Solvang, and Easter bunny goodies that were left on Sunday morning. As always, we can't wait to go back again!

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