Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Seaworld. . . We went to Seaworld!

We finally made the trip down to Seaworld that we have been talking about doing for so long now. We decided to leave in the early afternoon and hopefully stay for the late-night fireworks show if everything went well. Everything did go very well. Jaycee managed to sleep for only two 20 minute naps from 1:30 until 8:30 at night, the time she eventually gave in and fell asleep. 

Jaycee did wonderfully with all the people (and there were many), the noises, and the animals. She particularly enjoyed looking at the smelly flamingos with her daddy (see the pics). She got a Seaworld hat (see the many pics), and even got a caricature done (also the pic). The caricature is so extremely cute, we couldn't have asked for a better drawing. She did not cry, did not get fussy, and ate all her regular food (including her solids). Overall, it was a major success and we cannot wait to go again. We think most of Jaycee's enjoyment came from her being outside. She loves the outdoors and loves looking around at the birds, plants, and having the wind blow through her ever-growing hair. 

It was so cute to see her little teeth in all the photos when we got home. It's so hard to see them when she smiles in person because she is usually screaming and moving her tongue around in excitement. She no longer has an inside voice, only screaming and yelling and shrieking (not in a bad way, just in a noisy way). 

Anyway, we hope you enjoy her first amusement park pictures as much as we do!

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