Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The six month check up

Jaycee had her six month check up today. Everything went just fine, just more shots and the typical visit stuff. She weighed in at an amazing 16.1 pounds and is now 26 inches long. Holy cow! Over two feet already! The doctor checked her out and said everything is looking good.

Jaycee has been attempting to crawl this past week. She can't get too far yet, but is definitely on her way to moving soon. She has almost mastered the skill of sitting upright on her own. All the parent websites say that once she can sit upright, crawling is inevitable soon after. 

We are very happy with Jaycee's eating habits. She eats fruits, veggies, and oatmeal daily now. Fruit for the morning, oatmeal for the afternoon, and veggies at dinner time. So far she has not refused anything. She does not care for peas in the slightest, but is willing to give a few bites try now and then. Fruits are her favorite, especially bananas and apples. Peaches are a little bitter and do come along with a smushed face during the first few bites, but after that, all is good. 

We bought Jaycee a sippy cup for her to practice drinking on her own. She has the handle holding down, but needs some work on tilting her head back so that she doesn't suck on air only. She is still drinking pear, apple, and white grape juice mixed with water. We were just talking today about how little she needs a bottle now. She only drinks her bottle about three times per day. So big so fast. At least she is healthy and growing well. We wouldn't trade her for anything. . . 

The pics are a few weeks old, but cute non the less. 

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