Monday, September 08, 2008

The adventures of Jaycee and her monkey

Jaycee has a new best friend in the form of a stuffed animal. Her lovely Auntie Linda gave it to her a few weeks ago and she has suddenly taken a huge interest in it. He/she does not have a name yet, but we are sure that as soon as Jaycee can talk, she'll name it. The pictures are too funny. First, he daddy caught her laying with her monkey and using it as a pillow. Then, just a few days later, Jaycee was caught. . . face down passed out in her monkey. We have already said that this kid does not like to sleep much and that she fights it every step of the way, so it is no surprise that she ended up falling flat on her face. Luckily the monkey is soft and cuddly and didn't mind too much. You should have seen her face when she woke up. It was as if we had suddenly dropped her there and she just couldn't figure out what had happened to her last thirty seconds or so. Crazy kid!

Other than her new passion for her stuffed friend, nothing much has been changing. She now using a tooth brush at night to nibble on before bed. She won't exactly allow us to brush her teeth for her, so we allow her to bite and suck on it as much as she likes. She is now crawling over the edge of her crib is she decides to get out. Supervision is a must now until we lower the level of the mattress. What is this kid going to get herself into next? 

Oh, and by the way. . . Jaycee is going to be 7 months this week! Who took our baby and where did the time go???

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