Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jaycee- The Wild Child

Jaycee seems to be changing by the minute. It seemed only a few weeks ago there weren't any crazy new developments; now that has all changed. She is now a semi-crawling, soldier creeping maniac that cannot sit still. She is climbing, standing, laughing, babbling, and grinning from ear to ear everyday now. Mommy gets loads of kisses, while Daddy gets loads of smiles and laughs. She is one happy baby!

Jaycee has been more active and we have even moved to Stage 2 foods this week. She enjoys a morning breakfast of any oatmeal mixture and has larger quantities of fruits and veggies. Milk is still a daily requirement, but it much less needed now that big girl food is in the picture. 

It seems as though last weekend Jaycee was just Jaycee, meanwhile while we were sleeping, she rapidly changed into an even bigger kid. How does this happen right under our nose??? She can go over eight hours without a nap and usually once sleeps once to twice per day, usually no more than two hours per day. When she is awake (which is often) she is running around in circles in her walker, playing with complex toys, sitting up, climbing, walking while holding on to things. .  . This must be why everyone said "Sorry" to us after the first sonogram. She has been an active wild child since she was in her mommy's belly. Looks like nothing has changed since then. .  . Oh, except for the temper tantrums that she throws when she doesn't get her way or if her daddy takes something out of her reach. This kid can throw herself backwards and scream like a wild woman in a matter of .2 seconds. Everyone says she looks like her daddy, but the truth is leaking out. . . She is a little more like Mommy than we all thought. . . 

And did we mention that this kid loves the camera? You absolutely, positively cannot get a candid shot of her. The moment she hears the click, she is into automatic pose mode. And just last night, she fell asleep while her Mommy was holding her. She refused to go to bed (when it was bedtime) and forced her parents to hold her. Within a few moments, Jaycee was face forward, dead asleep. Now it that determination, or what?

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