Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Jaycee

Jaycee has decided that since she knows how to walk, she is going to have a go at running now (or at least walking fast). As she turns 11 months today, she has mastered the art of walking, pivoting, and even holding objects as she moves. She is incredibly good at her newest advancement and thinks that crawling is now officially just for babies (the opposite of what she is, of course). 

Jaycee now spends her days playing with her toys, but now when she plays with them they all have to be making noise. She makes every music toy play every song that it has. She isn't happy when they are turned off and will even throw it around the room to make the toys sound off. When she isn't playing with her toys, she is carrying a water bottle, a juice cup, or any other heavy object across the room with her as she walks. She has found the large window in the house and enjoys looking out at the birds and squirrels. 

Jaycee's new favorite thing to do when visiting stores on the weekends is scream at the top of her lungs. We ran errands this weekend and went to all our favorite spots: Target, Costco, and Trader Joe's. At each store, Jaycee found that she received smiles and smirks from passer-byers when she screamed. And we are not talking any old scream, but the loudest, highest pitch that she can make! It sounds as though she might actually break glass! And when we ask her to stop, what a surprise, she just continues. Luckily, most other shoppers find it cute, while only the old hags find it annoying while they try and shop and talk on their cell phones. 

Here are a few pictures of Jaycee and what she has been doing around the house. She still enjoys her bath time and loves playing with her floaty toys. She is also determined to eat everything her Mama and Papa eat, no exceptions. She had orange juice for the first time today and thought that it was just fabulous. So far Jaycee eats and drinks everything, with the exception of eating her peas and green beans still.

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