Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another fun day

Jaycee had a fun day today at the park. The weather was beyond gorgeous. It was sunny, with a clear blue sky. The perfect setting for a few new pictures. She had quite a time walking on the uneven grass. It was the first time that she has been to the park since walking well. She thought it was pretty cool. . . Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy! 

Jaycee has also been sharing lately. She is very kind, but always expects her goods returned in a timely manner. With her new sharing has also come her very first command. She now says "da" when she is giving you an item. We have officially translated "da" into "here". It's so nice to have Jaycee sharing with her words now and not just her actions. From here on out, we will only be getting newer, clearer words. That should definitely relieve some frustration! We can't wait to have a full conversation with this little one. We know she is going to have so much to say. We ask for more words now, but we might be asking for silence in the future. 

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