Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a big girl land. . .

So Jaycee has decided that since her one year birthday is just around the corner, why not start early and act like a big kid now?

Today Jaycee woke up at her usual 6:45, just in time to send her Mommy to work. She decided that a morning nap wasn't necessary and instead, decided to take her first nap at about 3:45. If you do the math that is NINE hours!!! What is this kid thinking? She may be close to one, but come on!

These are the pictures of how Jaycee fell asleep. She literally fell. On the floor, with her blanket. And for those of you that noticed, yes, she is in pajamas. It was extremely cold today and footsie pjs are the only thing that she can't get out of. 

Here we are, 52 weeks post-birth and our kid is passing out on the floor from exhaustion. Great, just great. . . 

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