Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Kid Jaycee

Pictures from Jaycee's day at Sea World. 
She was finally able to view the sea lions up close and personal!
She thought they were very similar to her dogs at home, loud and in your face-
they will also do anything for food.

Here are a few pics from Jaycee's wake-up from her afternoon nap. She was a happy girl!

Jaycee had many shots this last visit, one of which being her chicken pox vaccine. Supposedly she had a mild chance of getting a small rash of chicken pox around the vaccination site, but it seems to be a few more than that. Jaycee broke out with some little red bumps and they have yet to go away. She has them on her chest, neck, and face. The bump around her injection site is pretty red and puffy, too now. So for those of you that notice the red dots, that's the explanation. 

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