Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recent Jaycee pics

Jaycee has been enjoying her favorite pet: her kitty cat. She coos differently then she does to any of the others animals, and she is so nice and gentle with him. She loves giving her fat cat hugs and kisses. We are so glad that she is gentle and not a complete rough-houser.

We aren't sure where she gets it from, but Jaycee LOVES In N Out grilled cheeses and french fries. She especially loves the spread, just like her Mama. Jaycee gets her very own order when we go there and tonight just wouldn't stop eating. She ate half her burger at the table, then proceeded to eat the rest throughout her play session. When she was completely full, she offered the rest of her fries to Charlie, one of the pups. Charlie got about five fries, then Jaycee shared the last one with him. The final action was a nice, tender hug to Charlie. Such a sweet girl!

And yet again, Jaycee passed out while playing this afternoon. She was playing the music on her music train and just laid down out of no where. She did not wake up, her Papa had to put her into bed a few minutes later. It's hard to be a growing girl. The nicest change is that Jaycee is sleeping for about 3 hours per day again (thanks to her growing little body). She also has about three extra teeth. We are to about 11-12 teeth now, including some big honkers in the back! No more baby food, she just won't eat it. If it's in small pieces it is a NO go. She refuses to eat anything that looks like "baby" food. She even ate an entire strawberry for dessert. She held the big thing in her hand and took bites until the whole thing was gone.

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Kara said...

She looks like such a good mixture of the two of you. Gabe is getting tons of teeth right now and hating life. Gabe and Jaycee will have so much fun together this summer!