Friday, December 18, 2009

Some pictures of the girls

The picture below is a picture of Jaycee when she was Jayden's age.

Here's the picture of Jayden. Don't they look alike??

Here's our crazy toddler. Jaycee has been such a funny girl lately. She definitely is a comedian. She's so funny that she even makes herself laugh.

A few pictures of Jayden doing what she does best. She has been sleeping wonderfully. She sleeps for 2.5 hour blocks at night. She never really cries for anything, she just makes some baby noises. She is such a calm, relaxed baby; we are lucky to have such a nice baby!

Jayden goes to the doctor today. She should be getting her shots (oh, man), getting her weight measured, and hopefully going home without too much trauma. Poor baby. The first visits are always the worst!

The Birth Story of Jayden

2:45 am- I awake to some contractions (but I don't think too much of them because I have been having early morning contractions for the past few days to no avail)
3:00 am- I finally get out of bed because these contractions aren't going away.
3:30-3:40 am- I have about three contractions back to back and decide I should probably wake up Josh now.
3:50 am- I wake up Josh and get into the shower for one last rinse off before we leave.
4:30 am- We leave the house and head for the hospital (my mom comes over to stay with Jaycee until she wakes up in the morning).
5:05 am- I go to the exam room at the hospital. I am dilated to 4cm. I warn the nurse of my last labor (Jaycee flew out in about 7.5 hours). The nurse just shines me on (as she probably does with most patients) and we head to our delivery room down the hall.
5:10-6:00 am- A total of 4 nurses try to put in an IV. No one can get my vein. They finally call for a trauma ER nurse that gets a vein the very first time (I was poked a total of nine times, all during horrible contractions).
6:00 am- My body starts pushing and I ask to be examined. I am now 7 cm dilated and they are telling me NOT to push (yeah right). The nurse goes to call for a doctor (who is not in the building of course).
6:10 am- I manage to break my water on my own (which is a huge relief). They are still telling me not to push because there is no doctor in sight.
6:19 am- Jayden is born. The nurses deliver her and the doctor shows up about 2 minutes after she's out. The nurses aren't happy with me and neither is the doctor. So sorry I couldn't wait and be on their schedules!

Jayden had the umbilical cord wrapped around the top of her head when she came out. The nurses took her to the nursery right away and I didn't actually get to hold her or see her until about 9:00 am. Josh was with her the entire time and everything checked out just fine. She is a healthy baby girl that just couldn't wait to come out and meet the world.

The nurses said if we decide to have any more kids, we'd better just camp out in the hospital parking lot because the birth was just so quick. Funny because I tried to warn them. . . They say your second come at about half the time, and that definitely held true for me and my two births. I didn't think it was possible to go any faster, but I am glad that it was faster and not longer. This time at least we were prepared and to the hospital before my body started pushing!

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