Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. We are definitely NOT Irish in any way, shape, or form, but it's fun to dress the girls in green nonetheless!

Jayden is growing like a weed. She is so cute, quiet, and loving.

A recent picture of Jaycee post major meltdown (2 year old tantrums are fun, NOT!!!).

Jayden is finally able to wear some of the cute springtime dresses. It's been colder lately, so we've been happy to have a little warm sunshine for the dress season. We didn't even know about Jayden's rolly thighs until we were able to dress her out of long sleeved pajamas.

And pictures from today. Jayden got the cutest little green outfit from Mum. The best part of having two little ones so close in age is the clothing that comes in matching patterns and colors!

We couldn't exactly get the nicest smile out of Jaycee Lynn today. Since turning 2, she has become the photographer and not the one to be pictured. If you're noticing some marks on her face, those would be from Bella, our fat tempermental Chihuahua. One minute she likes to be pet, the other she's sick of it. Jaycee and Bella have been warned numerous times about playing nicely together: obviously neither entity heeded the warning!

"WAIT" That is Jaycee's current word of the day. Here's how a conversation goes with her nowadays:
Jaycee, do you want to take a shower?
Jaycee, can I have my iPhone back?
Jaycee, do you want to change your diaper?
Jaycee, do you want an Oreo?
One, one, one (while showing you the number one on her finger). She is well aware of the deal, only one cookie at a time. . .
So she does have other words in her vocabulary!

**Cutest story yet:
So Dada was trying to help Jayden fall asleep today. She was a little whiney (that's the height of Jayden's cry). He tried holding her, putting her in her bed, her bouncer, walking around with her. Nothing worked. He finally decided to put her in her swing. He was trying to calm her by talking to her once she was in the swing. Jaycee noticed and come over, too. Jaycee said "No crying, Jayden. No crying." Simultaneously, she also rubbed her face gently. Jayden calmed down, fell asleep, and stayed that way for hours. Oh, the joy of having a nice older sister. How sweet is Jaycee??? And how adorable of Jayden to actually find comfort in Jaycee even though most of her days are spent yelling in her little ears!

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