Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Jaycee had a wonderful holiday. She spent most of her time drinking green beer, eating corned beef hash, and cabbage. . . Just kidding! About the only thing green that she had today was her outfit (too cute) and her explosive diaper. It's so nice that at five weeks old she can fit into newborn outfits. It's about time. Hopefully she doesn't grow too quickly, now, so that we can enjoy dressing her in all her fabulous outfits.

The green outfit pics are from today and the other pics are of Jaycee's bath (she loves to take a bath) and her hanging out in her room after a diaper change a couple of days ago. She is acutually very happy to be in her room during her diaper changes. She has flower pictures hanging on her wall (a BIG thank you to the Hanchette's for that gift) and she can stare at them forever. Who knew that pictures would be better than a mobile?

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Anonymous said...

Its fun to see the changes in her, she is really growing. You have the
cutest baby. Give her a "happy Easter hug" from Oma Sue!