Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jaycee's Omas & Opas

So Jaycee is an extremely lucky little girl because of the sheer number of grandparents that she has. We thought we would dedicate this blog to the grandparents that have had the opportunity to meet Jaycee. Remember when you see these pics, there are even more grandparents that Jaycee hasn't met yet! And Jaycee doesn't just have grandparents, she has Omas and Opas. Oma means grandma in German and Opa means grandpa in German. This comes from Jaycee's mom's side of the family. We are very happy that Jaycee can continue the Oma/Opa tradition because our family's heritage means a lot to us. Jaycee is also lucky enough to have an Abuelita too (or Lita for short). On her daddy's side there is the Spanish language influence because of his Honduran family heritage. Hopefully our little one will be able to learn some German and Spanish words so that she can claim to be trilingual. How great would that be?

And not only does Jaycee have a ton of grandparents, she also makes the fifth living generation on her mom's side of the family and the fourth generation on her dad's side. We are working on getting the fifth generation picture put together because all five generations are girls. Imagine that!

Here's the list of Omas:

Karen, Barbara, Inge, Klara, Sue, Mary, Georgina, Geneva

Here's the list of Opas:

Dave, Gerry, Mike, Jim, Colin

Not too bad. Christmas time should be a good time for Jaycee :)
**And check out Jaycee's daddy's blog too. There is a link at the top of this page!

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