Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meet Jaycee!

Hi everyone! We thought we would create a little blog to post all our gorgeous baby pictures. It's so difficult to send out mass emails with attached photos, so we thought we'd give this a try instead. Now we can upload new pics as frequently as we'd like and you can visit as often as you'd like. We hope you enjoy our little one as much as we do, we can't believe that she is already one month old!
Jaycee is now locking eyes with her mommy and daddy and loving life. Her favorite things to do are sleep, eat, and fill up her diapers. She knows her daytime from her nighttime and can sleep for about three hours straight at night. During the day, she naps frequently and is able to sleep through just about everything. . . dogs barking, the vacuum, the rooster crowing. Thank goodness for that! We are very lucky to have such a happy and healthy baby!


Anonymous said...

Jessica and Josh,

Thank you for the pictures. Yes the blog is much easier to see. Jaycee is beautiful! We can't wait to meet her.

Steve and Terese

Anonymous said...

Such a stinking cutie... Josh you are in for it when the teen years hit! I love you guys, hope to see you all soon

Anonymous said...

Is she cute or what?
Great idea doing the blog...
Such a sweetie, watch out
Josh, she already has you curled
around her tiny finger.
Auntie and Unca D

Debbie said...

Hi Guys,
She's a beauty. Thanks for creating the blog. I can watch her grow, just like I watched Jessica grow up.
Love you all,
Debbie,Cam, Cameron & Drew

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica & Josh,

I am your moms co-worker & friend and just wanted to congradulate you on your new baby girl, Jaycee. CONGRATS!! She is precious and sweet.Your mom brags every day about her! Tell her she can stop now!! LOL!! Congrats to Karen on being a grammy!!!