Thursday, May 15, 2008

Animal lover!

Last week, Jaycee's major development was the discovery of her thumb. And not just any thumb, her left thumb. She learned last week that she can insert her thumb and sometimes index finger into her mouth for soothing purposes. She no longer has a use for her "didee" (aka pacifier), she prefers her hand. This kiddo is definitely a lefty!

Today's major discovery is that she can grab things, particularly our longer haired dog, Buster. She is an avid animal watcher while she is hanging out around the house everyday, and of course there is never a shortage of animals, but today she figured out that she can actually grab at the animals too! An amazing discovery for Jaycee, a sad day for the dogs, especially those with long hair. Buster will be needing a haircut sooner than originally planned. 

Jaycee seems to enjoy all animals as well, not just those in her own house. She met all the horses on the property tonight and thought that was funny, worthy of a few smiles, and something that needed the occasional narration as well. We are very happy to see that she enjoys the animals that she lives with. We think she actually enjoys watching the animals more than any humans she's met. At least the animals don't make her cry. We suppose her love of animals is justified with the parents she has. Good luck to her daddy in the future because this kid is getting everything that she wants, including any animals she thinks she needs to rescue!

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