Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Jaycee had a wonderful weekend with her mommy and daddy. She was happy as a clam and all smiles. Her lucky mommy even got to take a long nap with her. She looks like such a big toddler in the picture on the big bed. She is getting so long. A couple of weeks ago she finally started to get the baby rolls that everyone loves, but now she is really adding on the length. She is determined to hold herself up and will be sitting solo in no time. We better be careful because the next time we blink she will be crawling (or running) away. And fast.
Jaycee was great to her mommy on her first Mother's Day. She supplied her with coffee, a new coffee mug for work, and her favorite candy of the day. What a wonderful little daughter. We often wonder. . . What did we do without her before?
And check out our five generation picture of all women. Holy cow! And her Opa did such a good job of putting Jaycee to sleep. How cute!

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