Sunday, May 25, 2008

Talking, talking, talking

Jaycee has been all smiles and talking lately. She has been voicing her vocabulary on a daily basis, especially in the morning hours. She now uses many facial expressions to go along with her words to add emphasis to what she's saying. She has been a joy lately, growing fast and making new developments each day. How time flies. . . too fast, that's for sure. 

You must check out the photos of Jaycee wearing her ballerina shoes. Those were the first shoes that she ever had on. How cute! They didn't stay on for long though, Jaycee gets sweaty feet very easily and then she gets what we call "cheesy toes."

We have also decided that Jaycee prefers to be with boys/men when being watched and held. She could take or leave the ladies of her life, as long as there are men around, she would rather be held by him. Oh well, she will be needing ladies of her life more in the future since the men of her life won't let her do anything that involves friends or guy friends. Ladies, your time is coming soon. 

She is now officially in three month clothes only. We have had such cold and unusual weather that she has been wearing long-sleeved pajamas instead of her beautiful summer dresses that she has. We have virtually no long pants or long-sleeves because of the season being almost summer. Poor baby, having to wear pajamas all day long, no wonder she takes so many naps during the day. 

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