Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too Exciting!

Jaycee has been doing so many new and exciting things, where do we begin? She officially rolls over from her back to her stomach. This is a wonderful thing for Jaycee and a not so wonderful thing for her parents. We can no longer lay her down for a nap and expect her to stay put. She rolls from back to belly in a flash and prefers to sleep on her belly, which of course is the only no-no we have gotten as parents. It figures that she would be a rebel. 

And today, the very first long and hot day of summer, Jaycee attempted to eat rice cereal from a spoon. That was pure entertainment as you can see if you check out the video link. From the look on her face, she wants to eat but isn't too sure about the texture. That she gets from her daddy. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it soon because we are super excited to have her eat "real" food. She already enjoys her daily doses of apple juice. Within the next week or so we will be trying out pear juice and white grape juice. 

The video links will be up until the end of the month! Enjoy!

And another new development from Jaycee this week: She loves to press the keys on the computer. Anyone that knows us will not find this love of computers as a surprise, she is exactly like her momma and poppa in that sense! By the age of five, she will probably be able to type 100 words per minute. That's our girl, preparing for college early. 

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