Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Jaycee developments. . .

Jaycee has begun to laugh now along with her constant talking. She thinks the animals are funny, her daddy blowing raspberries on her belly, and the occasional surprise, like mommy getting home from work during the week. She has also started to "yell" at the animals when she's trying to get their attention. She has a very specific talk that she does louder than most other words, sort of like a "Uuggghhh" sound. When she does that sound, she usually means business. 

She has also noticed that the massive cat, Toby, is very different from the three dogs. She smiles at him and even pet him the other day. She thinks he is pretty neat. 

We are hoping to go to Sea World over the summer to see what she thinks of the water creatures. We think Sea World will be a big hit with Jaycee. 

Jaycee's eating habits have also changed a bit over the last few weeks. She now eats four ounces every three hours or so, as opposed to her two ounces from weeks past. Her belly is finally letting her hold more food, which makes her very happy. 

Other interesting new developments this past week:

Jaycee found her feet (she regularly looks like a monkey grabbing at her toes everyday now)

Jaycee always has something in her mouth (this could range from her hands, sometimes both, a blanket, her outfit, or anything else she can move toward her mouth)

Jaycee does not like to sleep in her co-sleeper all night long. She wakes up in the middle of the night and prefers to sleep in between her mommy and daddy (a bad habit, we know, we plan on changing this over the summer by introducing her big girl crib)

Once again, we can't believe how incredibly old our little baby is. She will be 16 weeks on Tuesday (we're not sure if we're supposed to count by months or weeks, so for now we'll just count by weeks). What happened to our little one???

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