Friday, June 27, 2008


Tonight Jaycee had her first bites of rice cereal! Yeah! With a little coaching and encouraging squeals from her mommy, Jaycee was able to swallow all the yummy rice cereal that was mixed with apple juice. A few days ago Jaycee learned that she was able to suck her bottom lip inwards and suck on it while she was hanging out. With that new skill mastered, she is now able to take a spoonful of food and swallow it whole, with only minimal squirtage out the mouth. 

In addition to eating from a spoon successfully, Jaycee is enjoying nightly walks and visits with her horses. She regularly squeals with excitement and thinks that sneezing (from a horse) is hilarious. Too cute! 

The picture with the food running down her face is classic. That is her moment of disgust caught by a picture from the first night she attempted her rice cereal. You can just imagine the thoughts going through her head. . .

Jaycee also thinks that she needs to drink from any sized bottle just like her daddy drinks. Whether her daddy is drinking water from a smaller bottle or juice from a larger bottle, Jaycee now tries to grab the bottle and insert it into her own mouth. She definitely knows what her mouth is for. Her coordination is amazing. Just a few weeks ago she was flailing her arms around with no real destination. Now, she grabs, quite deliberately, and manages to obtain whatever object she was going for. We now have to have all non-kid-friendly items out of her reach, especially if its located on a table top. 

Jaycee's clothing is also starting to fit tightly. Guess it's time to leave the 3 month stuff behind and enter into the big girl land of 6 month clothes. . . What next? Driving???

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