Saturday, July 12, 2008

Naps? Who needs those?

We thought we'd post some pictures of Jaycee from the 4th of July. She had a very cute red, white, and blue dress. She even wore sunglasses for part of the day. 

Jaycee has had a runny nose lately, along with irritability and a small cough that started today. We think her teeth are on their way in. She can't live without something, anything, in her mouth now. Hopefully she'll feel better soon. . . 

Jaycee does think she's a big girl now when it comes to her naps. She only sleeps about twice per day, and those naps are usually only 2-3 hours total. She is still sleeping through the night, but doesn't want to miss a thing during the day. We were hoping to go to Sea World this next week, but we'll postpone that visit until the flu-like symptoms have gone away. 

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