Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We've got teeth!

It's official! We have teeth. And we say teeth because Jaycee has not only one, but two teeth coming in. The middle, bottom teeth are coming in simultaneously and we can now see the tops of both teeth. How exciting!

When Jaycee eats from a spoon, she now bites down on top of the spoon to make sure that she doesn't miss a single bite. Sweat peas didn't go over so well, but the rice cereal mixed with any juice is always a sure hit in Jaycee Land.

The other day after Jaycee got out of her bath, she had a mohawk starting, so we thought we'd take some pics of that too. Too cute. She has also been sitting upright on her own. She doesn't quite have all the balance figured out, but we're getting there. She also discovered her toes as chew toys once she sat upright. She leans forward and inserts her big toe directly into her mouth, just like a little monkey.

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