Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Creeping and crawling

Jaycee is doing wonderfully with her rice cereal eating. She now eats one bowl per day and she will soon be trying her green vegetables. She is on a mission this week as well. She is determined to crawl. She is lifting herself on her knees, pushing forward, and creeping a little way each time. She hasn't gotten the concept down of lifting her arms simultaneously, but we're sure that will soon follow. Her efforts are persistent, what a surprise. . . We are in for some serious trouble and chasing once she masters this new skill. It's amazing how quickly they change and how they automatically knows what development to try next. Before we know it, she'll be a whole different person, walking, talking, and bossing everyone around. 

Look how big she looks in her new highchair! Where's our baby?

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