Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blah, blah, mama, mama

Jaycee is talking all the time now. Her favorite beginning word was "blah, blah", which she used on a daily basis for about a week. She also loves to hear her voice, usually while screaming at the top her lungs. Tonight Jaycee finally made the official leap into the "mama" territory. We are not sure if she knows exactly what it means, but she smiles every time you ask her to say it. She's a little bit cheeky like that. 

Jaycee has been changing on a daily basis again. She is always trying to walk and enjoys walking while holding hands with Daddy or Mommy. Her toys are much more sophisticated, and her favorite toys are those that she is not supposed to have (i.e. phones, glasses, jewelry). She is crazy. . .

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