Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jaycee Updates

Jaycee has been adding to her long list of advanced developments this week. She has now mastered the clapping, the saying "mama", and the waving. She has been waving with her right hand, so we are thinking that she will probably be a right-handed little girl. She enjoys playing nicely with her mommy's hair. She combs it with her hands as gently as she can. She also has a clear understanding of when she is being rough and when she is being nice. 

As for our scare of the week, Jaycee did have a fall this past Tuesday. Since she has learned to stand, she has decided that walking will be much faster and easier than crawling. Her favorite past-time is holding on to the edge of toys and furniture so that she can balance. . . then let go. Well, on Tuesday, she did just that. Without her daddy's permission, Jaycee decided to grab on to the edge of a toy, and we think, slip off the edge. Needless to say as you can see from the picture, her fall resulted in her teeth cutting her upper lip, a bruise on her nose, forehead, and neck, and a life-flashing-before-your-eyes event for her mommy and daddy. We took her to the doctor and found that there was nothing seriously injured, only the minor cut and bruising that has already healed tremendously well. This kid is a go-getter. Crawling is for babies, Jaycee needs to walk, no run, because she is a big girl in her opinion. At least we got off easy. . . this time.

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