Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jaycee's trip to Sea World, again

Jaycee had another successful day at Sea World. Over the weekend we went for another visit and Jaycee met the sea lions. She thought the loud, stinky sea lions were pretty interesting. Apparently Jaycee thought they were strange dogs, similar to the loud, stinky dogs at home. Jaycee was so close to the sea lions, she could have touched them. Luckily her Mommy was slightly faster then Jaycee slipping her hand over the railing. 
Jaycee also visited the Arctic Zone, where she went underground and saw a Polar Bear, Beluga whales, and dark aquariums. She did not get scared, nor did she cry all day long. Another success to add to the book of Jaycee adventures!!

And if a successful day at Sea World wasn't enough, Jaycee also visited Mommy's classroom this week! We weren't sure if 30 sets of eyes staring at her was going to scare her, but we couldn't have guessed her reaction. Instead of crying or acting uncomfortable, Jaycee was an absolute ham! She smiled, laughed, clapped, and stole the show. The kids thought she was great and Jaycee thought being back in Mommy's classroom was great. Too bad she can't go to school everyday!

Jaycee also knows (and asks) to hold her bottle during feedings. She can stand alone while balancing on her knees, and is continuing to push the limits. All this kid wants to do is run. . . and run fast!

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